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A Wicked Cool Night by alltoseek – Jack/Stephen, G
Duende by astolat – Jack/Stephen, NC-17
Tolerably Spry by bornof_sorrow – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
Spider-Bite by cruisedirector – Jack/Stephen, NC-17
Accoucheur by daylightsparks – PG-13
Spoke Felucca by diane_c – G
Every New Beginning by des_pudels_kern – PG-13
Night After Night by esteven – Jack/Stephen, R
Spyhatty Business by esteven – Stephen, G
Ode to Jack and Stephen by flora_the_bear – Jack/Stephen, PG
Songs Not to Listen to When Reading Aubrey/Maturin: The Way You Move by flora_the_bear – Jack/Stephen, Marshall/Jack, G
Best Men by gritkitty – Jack/Stephen, R
SPAM one, two, three, four, five by insidian – G
Curiosity by latin_cat – Pullings/Marshall (Unrequited), NC-17
In Curves, Fruition by marginalia – Jack/Mercedes, NC-17
Hell at Sea: Volume One by miraclejones – G
Meeting by missizzy – Jack/Stephen, Stephen/Dillon, Dillon/Marshall, Marshall/Jack, Dillon/Jack, G
After the Storm by muccamukk – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
An Old Joke by mylodon – PG
A Friendship Dissected: In the Beginning… by ozfille – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
Catalan Holiday one, two, three, four, five by ozfille – Stephen/OMC, NC-17
Decisions by ozfille – G
Raccoon by psionicknight – G
Qui aime bien, châtie bien by psionicknight – PG
In Which Young Mr Ricketts Instructs Mr Babbington in the Fine Art of Letter Writing by reconditarmonia – G
Kyrie Eleison by reconditarmonia – Dillon/Stephen, PG
MAES 1: First Impressions by renaiya880727 – Jack, Stephen, PG
MAES 2: A Change in the Wind by renaiya880727 – Pullings, Babington, Marshall, PG
MAES 3: Genuine Certificated Physician by renaiya880727 – Stephen, Sophie's crew, G
MAES 4: The Birth of Loyalty by renaiya880727 – Davies, Jack, G
MAES 5: My Father's Enemy by renaiya880727 – Fanny Harte/Babbington, Jack, G
MAES 6: Seeking Redemption by renaiya880727 – James Dillon, G
Master and Commander (Abridged) by rose_bertin – ensemble cast, PG-13
Untitled by scieppan – Jack/Stephen, PG
Forbidden by seascribe – Marshall/Jack, PG-13
Snake by seascribe – G
Quinquennium by sidlj – G
Untitled by snakey – Jack/Bonden, NC-17
After All... Wild Part 1, 2 by stylissimo – Dillon/Stephen, NC-17
Master and Commander FLASH video parts one and two by swiss_kun – G (find all swiss_kun's videos here)
The Very Model Of A Modern... British Navy Captain by the_first_chibi - G
The Raven Filk by tootsiemuppet - G
Untitled by villainy – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
Afternoon Discovery by wicked_warrior – G
Alone on a Hill at Night by anon for the Aubreyad Oakum Meme – NC-17

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In Disgrace with Fortune by Newfyjohn – Jack/Stephen


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