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Pale Tide by anglepoiselamp – G
He Loves by ashley_pitt – PG
Three Ways to End an Acquaintance by astolat – PG
Aftermath by cruisedirector – Jack/Stephen, PG
Pastoral by cruisedirector – Diana/Jack/Stephen, R
Countrified by cruisedirector – Diana/Jack/Stephen, R
Five Things That Never Happened to Anyone in Age of Sail: Curtainfic by damned_colonial AKA Skud on AO3 – PG
The Lineaments of Gratified Desire by daylightsparks – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
To the Victor by edeainfj – Jack/Stephen, NC-17
A Place for the Cactus by eglantine_br – Tom Pullings/Nell Pullings, G
Chain of Command by flora_the_bear – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
The Curious Nature of Friends and Sweethearts by flora_the_bear – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
Songs Not to Listen to When Reading Aubrey/Maturin: Dancing Machine by flora_the_bear – G
Lord, Such Doses! by gardnerhill – G
The Murmuring of Bees Has Ceased by gritkitty – G
Five Things That Never Happened in Post Captain by hawaii5063 – Jack/Stephen, PG
Five Ways to Punish Jack Aubrey: Three by hawaii5063 – Jack/Stephen, G
Five Ways to Punish Jack Aubrey: Four by hawaii5063 – Jack/Stephen, G
The Dancing Lesson by heather_mist – Jack, Stephen, PG
An Easter Surprise by heather_mist – Jack, Stephen, G
SPAM: parts one, two, three, four, five, six by insidian – G
More Certain in Affection by keiko_kirin – Jack/Stephen, R
The Fair Copy of the Log by kiltsandlollies – Pullings/Mowett, PG
Captain Melbury by latin_cat – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
Undertow by corilannam – Jack/Stephen, PG
Hell at Sea: Volume Two by miraclejones – G
Journal Entry by missizzy – Jack/Stephen, PG
Poem: from Jack to Stephen by missizzy – Jack/Stephen, G
Spanish Air by missizzy – Jack/Stephen, R
The Beast Wore Bearskin by mithen – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
Broken and Mended by mithen – Jack, Stephen, PG-13
A Friendship Dissected: Troubled Waters by ozfille – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
The Ways of Deception Part 1 and Part 2 by ozfille – Stephen/Jack, G
Coming to an Understanding by renaiya880727 – R
Compliments, Regrets by renaiya880727 – R
Family Ties by renaiya880727 – R
Fathers and Brothers by renaiya880727 – R
Love and Jealousy by renaiya880727 – G
Loyalty is a Fine Thing by renaiya880727 – G
The Odd Couple by renaiya880727 – R
The Way to a Man's Heart by renaiya880727 – G
Concert Fic by rosinarowantree for the Aubreyad Kink Meme – G
Easy Confidences by sazzlette – G
Castle in Spain by seascribe – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
Was It Not Odd That He Should Live With Dr Maturin by seascribe – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
A Welcome Diversion by shantih – Stephen/Diana, PG
Observations on Aquatic Mammalia by shrieking_ell – Stephen/Jack, PG
Dr Maturin’s Bedside Manner by sidlj – Jack/Stephen, PG-13
Untitled by snakey – Jack, Stephen, PG
An Introductory Tidbit by stungunbilly – Jack/Stephen, R
Brothers by valdhery – Jack/Stephen, PG


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